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Is it possible to put title and description for new registered domain

Hi all, I have little confusion, it may be silly question but please help. I have bought 4 new domain, now want to put title and description to be visible on google. I know, it requires to build a website whether for one page. My prospect to be visible on google by adding meta tags and...

SOFT 404 on Category Page E-commerce

Hi. I am having 404 SOFT ERROR on my category pages that doesn't have any product. The problem is that it eventually can have new products or even the old ones. What is the best approach to solve this problem?

How does websites like,, buzzfeed does backlinking?

I am curious to know How does websites like,, does backlinking?

will this site get penalised

i was just doing research when i came across this site https:// cazana. com /uk, last week they had a 1000 backlinks which Semrush are still showing, but after using Ahref it shows within 3days they have got over a million links the company shows number plate links what they have done is bought...

What type of Facebook ad is this?

I have come across the ad a number of time where the webpage loads below the video. You click on the facebook video and it opens with the webpage loading below it. Do you know what this ad type is and how to create it?

Social Sharing Buttons

Hi Friends, Can you help me out to know that can we integrate floating social sharing buttons on a website instead of a blog or articles.

404 Page x 301 Redirect

Hello! I was deleting some pages from my e-commerce and then I thought about it. Is it better to redirect the deleted page to one that stills exists or is better to show the 404 page instead? I've read that redirecting a lot of pages can make the crawler confused... and here I am talking...

How does Google judge on link profile?

Hello guys, Not to waste your time, I will go straight to the point. I have a brand website, I'm trying to rank 5 pages in the same niche but for different products. Most of the pages got picked up and some content pages ranked without any backlinks, just from social signals as I boosted...

site not showing

I am looking for a business - Ironically someone who works in SEO - This person took money from me and then did not touch my site. She admitted yesterday she had lost the password and needed it again to get in - caused a conflict and I am looking for her site on google for reviews to see if...

Help! Weird icon.

I had been advised to install an AMP plugin. I uninstalled and deleted it last night. It was on my site maybe 24 hours. Now when you search “Raleigh newborn photographer” from your Mobile device (phone) there is a lightening bolt symbol by my name. And it doesn’t direct you to my correct site...

Video streaming Site

Hii Guys, I want to know that how to do SEO for Video streaming site like "YouTube"? How to promote and get a link for this site. I am confused about it help me and suggest me some niche ideas

Page Authority

How is it that someone with a lower page and domain authority can rank higher than you? Could someone help me understand this. Thanks :)

redirecting sites

I have 2 other photography sites that I don't use. I was told to direct them to my current site nicolalanephotography is my site that I only use nicolalanenewborn and nicolalaneboudoir have been redirected to my main site.. is this good or bad?

Naming Images

As a photographer of course images are a huge part of my website. I am wondering if it is better to name images in photoshop data or how to name my images. I have a friend who swears by images alone she is ranking because of how she names her images (which she wont share with me because she...

Ranking Coach

Has anyone heard of this or used this? I am currently running along and trying out some of the suggestions, some have been helpful but I am not sure really if I need to do it or not. I would love to know if anyone else has used it or uses it? It is suggesting I add sub pages for keywords......

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