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About 5000 PHP Scripts For You - Our PHP Scripts Directory

Format a Date in Angular

Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to properly set date formatting in Angular.

Tip: Using MySqlCheck

Learn more about this MySQL utility that provides for verifying and taking corrective actions in case of failures.

Find the Hostname of a Server Using the IP Address

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - See how the package has an API that does the hard work of collecting all the details and returns the server name.

Connecting to a MySQL Database from the Command Prompt

Language: SQL, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn an easy way to connect to a MySQL database from the command prompt.

Obtaining a Thread Dump of Your Java App in Linux

Language: Java, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn how to trigger a thread dump in Java on Linux os.

How to Capture Compute Time in Python

Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate - Learn to use the time module and time function to capture compute time in Python.

Import Large SQL Files into MySQL

Language: SQL, Expertise: Intermediate - Follow these steps to import large SQL files into MySQL.

Encode and Decode HTML with Fiddler

Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate - Fiddler comes with a set of very useful tools to help developers with encoding and decoding functions.

Cron Job Listing in Linux

Language: Enterprise, Expertise: Intermediate—Learn how to identify what jobs have already been added.

Entering a Docker Container

Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate—Learn an easy way to create a new interactive bash shell in the running container.

Working with Swagger

Take advantage of the industry-leading framework named Swagger to easily document your RESTful APIs.

Creating a Serverless API Using API Gateway and Lambda

Accessing and Managing Third-Party Libraries

Learn about package management in your programming language and take advantage of all the goodness that's out there.

Performance Comparison: Apache vs. IIS

There has been a lot of discussion regarding which of the two most popular Web servers is better. Take a look at this comparison of their characteristics and performance.

Find Which Port Is Being Used by a Process

Language: Enterprise||Expertise: Advanced

Cloud Platform Overview

Gain a solid understanding of the current state of Cloud platforms, how to integrate the Cloud into your systems and how to manage the risks.

Defining a Parameter in Jenkins

Language: Enterprise||Expertise: Beginner

Python 3.6 May be the Tipping Point

Python 3.6 adds some general usability improvements that may entice the average Python developer to cross from Python 2 to Python 3. It's bound to happen at some point and the author believe that 2017 is the year that Python 3 starts to take over.

MySQL vs. MariaDB

Many developers have used MySQL, while many have only heard of MariaDB. Explore the differences between these two database management systems.

Using Python for Big Data Analysis

There are numerous tools to aid in big data analysis, but one of the most popular is Python.

Web Application Security Testing Tools

It is important to test the security of your Web application before deploying it to the production environment. There are many tools that can help you speed up this process. This article provides an overview of the most widely used ones.

Top 10 Security Best Practices

Security is hard. It takes dedicated attention, knowledge and meticulous execution. It is also an ongoing process. It's important to educate stakeholders and clarify the state of security, the risks and mitigations. You need to be vigilant and on your toes.

Robust Front-end Development with React and Redux

In this article, Gigi Sayfan introduces you to React, Redux and the answer to the paradox of choice and JavaScript fatigue.

Working with Cloud-Based Development Environments

Big data belongs in the cloud and has become much more reasonable to run the applications that manage, sift and display the data in the cloud as well.

Vagrant Provisioning with Puppet

Automating software installations is an important part of deploying virtual machines with Vagrant. This process is called provisioning and can be integrated with DevOps tools, such as Puppet. Let's see how to do that.

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